Perfectly You
3 The Spires
Great Baddow
Essex CM2 8JN
Tel: 01245 601078
Mobile: 07970 176155

An hour long therapeutic facial with special blends of essential oils to suit your skin type.


Sweet almond oil with sandalwood, lavender, camomile and vitamin E. A delicate blend ideal for sensitive and troubled skin. It helps calm and smooth whilst leaving the skin supple and comfortable.


Sweet almond oil with bergamot, lavender, peppermint and vitamin E. A refreshing and stimulating blend to maintain a healthy complexion.


Grape seed oil with lemon, sandalwood, geranium and vitamin E. Nourishing oil which has a soothing moisturising effect on dry skin.


Sweet almond oil with grapefruit, tea tree and vitamin E. A special blend which has a purifying and antiseptic action ideal for congested and dull skin.

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